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A Day-Of Wedding Coordinator Reveals 7 Reasons Why You Need One At Your Wedding

I’ll start here, I hired a wedding coordinator for my Northern Michigan wedding this past September and I am a Certified Wedding Planner/Certified Event Planner/Day-Of Coordinator.

When I started my own journey as a wedding planner bride, my mother, father, grandmother and future mother-in-law were extremely supportive however, I knew that a wedding coordinator was one of the most important vendors I needed.

Sure, you might have all of your vendors nailed down (and even some luxury vendors such as a professional Pet Accommodations Attendant whom is dedicated to looking after your precious pups prior to your ceremony start time because it is your dream to have them included in the processional – yes, I may be speaking from personal experience – and yes I am that crazy dog lady who loves her Siberian Husky and Husky-Welsh Corgi mix like they are my actual children)BUT who will be on-site managing Mother Nature, dealing with vendor surprises, handling venue logistics, keeping an eye on the clock, act as your point of contact person and more? Now I know what you’re thinking, “well my mom/MOH/grandmother will arrive early and help set up, etc…” Hear me out…. When my romantic couples begin with this statement I try to put into perspective for them, yes, it is wonderful that you have the world’s best support system but picture this: your mom/MOH/grandmother enjoying the morning of your wedding day alongside you - getting ready with you and your girls or peeking around the corner to witness your first-look with your future hubby. One of the most important aspects of my wedding day was that Michael (my now husband) and I had the opportunity to be a guest too, and that our family and closest friends were able to be fully present for every magical moment of our castle wedding.

I promise a wedding coordinator will be your best-friend AND your personal gown-fluffer. They really are the glue to your big day. Whether you are in need of someone to guide you through the planning process those last few weeks of your engagement or if you need someone behind the scenes, a coordinator is hired to help your order of events run smoothly on your "I Do" day.

Below are some reasons why a wedding coordinator is invaluable and why you should hire a professional that is a great fit for you!

1. Organization

A wedding coordinators client experience truly begins around 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding date. They will help finalize all of your details while keeping the remainder of the planning process, vendor communication and timeline creation organized and stress-free, while ensuring any potential hiccups will be mitigated. It is our job to be detail-focused and organized, and our main task is to help you create a stunning and memorable event for all.

2. Industry Knowledge

Wedding coordinators have connections and industry knowledge. Again, it is our job to network with our fellow wedding creatives. Most vendors have a preferred vendor list that is offered with their planning packages or upon request.

3. Experience

Most wedding coordinators have experience within full and/or partial planning services in addition and not limited to; stationary creation and design, vendor/venue search and referral, and consulting and design services – providing a very well rounded background which allows them to assist in bringing your dream wedding day vision together. Make sure to do your research before hiring a professional. Look for client and vendor testimonials on their website and please be sure that you are a great fit (they have addressed your concerns, identified what is most important to you and your soon-to-be spouse, and have taken the time to get to know you – likes/dislikes, etc) before moving forward.

4. Leadership

A wedding coordinator will not only act as the bride/groom and bridal parties "point of contact" person but immediate family, and very importantly your vendors as well. Wedding coordinators take the lead onsite for day of, much like during your rehearsal evening run-through. Coordinators will take charge and solve any issue that may arise (and trust me when I say no wedding day is perfect and SOMETHING will not go according to plan). Have confidence in your coordinator because he/she is passionate about what they do, they are skillful, flexible, has the perseverance and drive, is innovative, and can tackle any conflict with ease and grace. We truly are invested in your big day!

5. Time Management

Wedding coordinators keep an eye on the clock and make sure that everyone is sticking to the timeline. They are ensuring that everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there, even down to the nitty-and-gritty of how the bridal party should be positioned/stand at the altar. Coordinators are there to ensure that each moment within your order of events is being executed as seamlessly and as timely as possible.

6. Creativity

Having someone to bounce ideas off of throughout your journey to wedding day planning is indispensable. Especially if it is a professional whom has experience, expertise to advise/guide you, and has an eye for detail.

7. Venue and Vendor Coordination

Last, but very important, wedding coordinators can be involved as much or as little as the bride/groom desires in the weeks leading up to their big day (if you are a bride that enjoys communicating with your vendors, loves to plan and has a general idea of your timeline – and just needs someone to review, confirm and finalize all of the minute details – splendid!). However, if you find yourself experiencing feels of anxiety or confusion, wedding coordinators will handle all of the communication and more with your venue and vendors leading up to and of course on the day of.

As a Certified Wedding Planner + Certified Event Planner that offers wedding month management and coordination (also known as "day-of") services AND has had the bridal experience personally, I believe hiring a day-of wedding coordinator is 100% worth the investment and truly can change your life... or at least the 4-6 weeks leading up to your big day!


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