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M + M Love Story

Photos provided by; Messy Photography 


Morgan and Mike met at Central Michigan University in 2015. He worked at a Liquor Store in a strip mall and she worked next door at a Tanning Salon. When the liquor store was slow, Mike would hangout at the salon - he was friends with the girls long before Morgan started there. They continued to bump into each other through mutual friends, eventually exchanged phone numbers and realized they both lived in the same apartment complex. They were both students in the School Of Business at CMU so they started hanging out and before you know it they were together more often than not. Summertime in Mount Pleasant was when they became really close, friends. Best-friends in fact. For about a year thereafter. Come Halloween night 2015 they dressed up and headed downtown to celebrate. Before the night was over Mike took a chance, and kissed Morgan for the first time. After months of asking Morgan to be his girlfriend, she finally gave him a chance!


The Proposal

Mike and his parents booked a vacation to Marco, Island FL. Before and during their vacation Mike begged Morgan to go on a jet ski tour. Morgan loves the water, however you will not find her in or near any bodies of water down South. So naturally she did not want to go on a jet ski tour in shark infested waters. So they compromised and went on the tour. Turns out the two of them were the only ones signed up for the tour that day. Their "private" tour lasted approximately three hours, where they traveled through the Mangroves and Everglades, rode alongside dolphins, visited some of the 10,000 islands in Marco and more. Towards the end of the tour they stopped at a small island approximately 15 miles off shore where they were able to get off the jet skis and explore. Mike had found a giant conch sell - empty of course so they got to keep it - among many other great shell findings. During their visit, the tour guide offered to take their photo and record some footage with their GoPro. Moments later Mike grabbed both of Morgan's hands, he got down on one knee, speech prepared, ring out, and asked her to marry him. Of course, on January 25th, 2018 Morgan said YES!


The Kasper's
The Kasper's
The Kasper's
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