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Why hire a Wedding Planner

and/or Coordinator?

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Enlisting the help of a professional – with passion, fresh talent, who is detail-oriented and has been published in print and online, who has experience, formal education, certifications, and knowledge, can ensure that you have a stress-free, seamless celebration as well as assist you in the transformation of your dream wedding and/or other special occasion event vision and goals - turning what is most important to you into a stunning and memorable event for all. Wedding & Event Planning By Morgan Nicole, LLC takes great pride in our work and is committed to top-quality service and client satisfaction.

10 Reasons Your Wedding Planner is a Total Lifesaver

Wedding Wire
By Kim Forrest

"You have a lot of decisions to make when planning your wedding – from figuring out your color palette to selecting your vendors, navigating tough etiquette dilemmas, and more. Fortunately, wedding planners can be a big help in all aspects of coordinating your big day."

Do you know the difference between the role of a Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Coordinator?

By Woman Getting Married

"While a full-service wedding planner that is with you throughout the majority of your wedding planning process will take on the role of a wedding coordinator on the day of your wedding, a wedding coordinator is generally considered a separate person for those brides doing the majority of planning themselves."

Difference between a Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Coordinator

By Confetti Daydreams

"Because the names of the two roles sound very similar, most assume they perform the same function. In fact, many brides mistakenly think that if their wedding venue offers a free on site coordinator, they don’t need the services of wedding coordinator at all."

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