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Coming Out Of Quarantine Weddings: If You Do Not Have A Wedding Planner, Hire One Now

Brides, our hearts go out to you. Please know that you have not been alone, you and your vendors are all in this together – and we have really felt this, too. Heartbreaking would be an understatement for marrying couples who have had to dramatically downsize, cancel and/or postpone due to global pandemic (as vendors it has also affected us so deeply). Luckily states, businesses, and industries are beginning to open up again after the Covid-19 shutdown. Although the 2020 wedding season promises to be unlike weddings as we once knew them, there is a sense of hope within the wedding community.

With that being said, there is no better time to hire a certified wedding planner. It is not until brides-to-be are waist deep in wedding planning trouble when they realize they may need help. If you have spent these last few weeks or even months freaking out, saying “I can’t handle this”, “this is so much”, “I have to do all of these things”- Now is your time to invest in a professional.

Wedding planning can be stressful, and then add a pandemic with social-distancing policies and historical flooding (now riots/looting etc)...

In the midst of the virtually nonexistent wedding season of 2020, a wedding planner is invaluable now more than ever. They have industry knowledge and experience. Posses leadership, organization, and time management skills. They are creative – which allows you to bounce ideas off of someone with expertise. A wedding planner will help create a back up plan, mitigate your concerns and assist with vendor and venue coordination, all while providing some peace of mind throughout each step of the planning process.

“Well what if there is no room in my budget?” If you have had to postpone or even cancel your wedding over 6 months out, even into a different calendar year due to the shutdown, you will have enough time to save. Yes, you may spend more money than initially planned, but you will save much more time and headaches in the long run. If you were to hire a day-of or month-of wedding coordinator and/or planner, they will probably not be able to assist you as well as a full-service wedding planner – where they will be able to aid you in postponement and rescheduling, talking with all of your hired vendors, creating and finding out new plans – which will in turn possibly save you money by helping you navigate the many financial decisions to come throughout your once quarantined journey to wedding day planning.

Everyone deserves guidance during this time of uncertainty for the future and you are probably so busy with all kinds of things (I mean not really busy because most people have been home for the most part), but you are more than likely busy in your mind thinking of all of these wedding plans, working from home or heading back to work, incorporating a new "normal" for your household or workplace and so on. So please do not feel like a wedding planner will not be worth your time. I promise they are worth every penny, too!

If you do not have certified wedding planner, hire one now to help you with this process and time of transition (as it important that we do not think this will just blow over, when later we could all be faced with a new reality). A wedding planner will provide guidance and assist in turning your vision into a stunning and memorable event for all - whether you are thinking of having a grand and festive event, opt for the "mini-mony" with a bigger celebration later on or hosting a virtual ceremony.

Inevitably, the wedding celebrations lost to Covid-19 have been disappointing and heartbreaking for families, would-be guests and of course marrying couples. I know it is easier said than done but at the end of the day please remember that wedding plans may change, but love lasts forever.

Photos captured by: Johnson Photography, LLC

Wedding & Event Planning By Morgan Nicole, LLC provided on-site Rehearsal Evening Coordination services as well as Wedding Month Management and Coordination (also known as "Day-Of").


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